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In 2009, my nephew deployed with the Oregon Army National Guard to Iraq. When looking for military greeting cards to send him, I was disappointed in the sparse selection of cards available.
What I found (or rather didn't find) led to the decision to design my own line of military greeting cards. Combining my background in graphic design and retail sales I began designing cards that I felt confident sending my nephew, or sons and daughters of friends of mine with children on active duty.
Each card has been created, reviewed and refined by input from active and retired men and women in all branches of the military.   These are family members, high school classmates, friends, and friends of friends.
It's been an incredible journey interviewing veterans and active duty members, getting involved with Blue Star Mothers of Oregon, volunteering for USO Northwest at PDX and local outreach events, and seeing the opportunities to touch lives in a positive way.  It's truly the most fulfilling design work I've done. 

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