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USMC licensed military greeting cards

Two US Marines have been extremely influential and helpful in the development of 2MyHero military greeting cards.

One is a high school classmate who joined the US Marines Corps shortly after high school and deployed in Desert Storm.  In 2MyHero's infancy, Randy spent hours on the phone and in person answering our questions and relaying experiences and details about the Marine Corps. Both he and his wife have given thumbs up or down on several of the designs before they became cards in this collection.

The other is the oldest son of dear friends. It seems like just yesterday we were enjoying a family dinner together and Nick was just a month away from entering Georgetown's ROTC program as a Marine. He also was the inspiration for the baby cards when his first child was born. Nick too, has answered tirelessly many our questions clarifying subtle but important details.

All the cards in the USMC military greeting card collection have been approved through the USMC trademark office and proudly bear the EGA and/or USMC word marks.