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Gold Star military sympathy greeting cards

When an active duty military man or woman give the ultimate sacrifice they leave behind  moms, dads, spouses, siblings extended family and friends. These people often feel completely forgotten, and their sorrow deeply misunderstood. 2MyHero knows this because we've heard it repeatedly from many Gold Star families at different times and places.

Gold Star military families long to know that someone cares about their loss and the hurt they bear.  They usually remember annually the date their child was lost. It's an 'anniversary' that they deeply appreciate others acknowledging and remembering with them.

2MyHero Gold Star military greeting cards are designed to express sincere support and care for Gold Star families.

Each card is dedicated to a fallen service member and their family by first name on the back of the card. We either know the service member or the family personally or through a close connection. These are not names we pulled off a website somewhere. They are our neighbors, our fellow volunteers within the military community, classmates of our own family members.

We love them, and we know you love the Gold Star families in your life and want to find a beautiful and fitting expression of your concern for them. We sincerely hope you find that expression in our Gold Star Collection.