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We've got holiday postcards for military that will bring smiles to both sender and receiver!

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It wouldn't be the holidays in the military without fabulous food, or in the case of these postcards for military fabulous FUN poked at food that isn't particularly fabulous tasting. Wait . . . What?!?!

2MyHero created images of imaginary MRE packs that morphed into a six pack of humorous military holiday postcards.

Everyone loves to get mail, and that is especially true of everyone who serves in the military. Add to that being deployed, and they love getting greeting cards from friends and family EVEN MORE!

So, we suggest you send these humorous military postcards all to the same person every day, or every other day . . . Send them to different active duty or veteran family or friends . . . However you slice it, anyone who is or has served in any branch of the military will appreciate the humor infused in each postcard.

Want some inspiration for what to write on the back? We're compiling a great list of quotes, sayings and scriptures to give you a little boost for writing to your military loved one. Come back to the blog, or better yet, sign up for our email list! It'll come right to your inbox.

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