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Posted by Hannah Hurley on

Most of the current recruits at basic training weren't even born when Ronald Reagan was president of the United States. Their parents may not even have been very old at the time, but this quote by president Reagan is not going away any time soon. It is one that is still highly quoted and revered within the Marine Corps community.

2MyHero US Marine Corps military encouragement greeting card

We have been selling 2MyHero cards at the wholesale level for several years now. Our longest standing relationship is with a small retail store in Beaufort, South Carolina, near the Parris Island Recruit Depot - The Corps Store. It was the buyer there who asked us to create a card with this loved quote. We ended up designing two versions with the quote, and both sell well at The Corps Store. 

2MyHero US Marine Corps military encouragement greeting card

2MyHero works hard to creatively reach beyond the typical imagery found on greeting cards for military. We want to express a depth of feeling and connection that will help bridge the gap between those of us who are civilians to the men and women we love who are or were at one time in military service.

It is our hope that when you give the Reagan quote card to a Marine (young or old or somewhere in between) you will make a connection with them that lets them know you have the same kind of respect for their hard work and determination as President Reagan did. It's that kind of connection we hope every greeting card we create will inspire in both the giver and receiver of 2MyHero cards. Reagan quote in either style is perfectly appropriate to send a Marine at any stage of their career.

2MyHero sells cards individually as well as in six packs (a mix of six cards including white square flap envelopes). All of the USMC Collection six packs we offer have one or the other version of this Reagan quote.  

2MyHero US Marine Corps mixed six pack military encouragement greeting cards

If you know a young man or woman heading off to boot camp at Parris Island or San Diego, you'll want to purchase one of the six packs so you can encourage them at every stage - during bootcamp, at graduation and depending on how often you write them at boot camp, you may have one or two left over to send after graduation on their first assignment. All six packs include one card to give to a Drill Instructor. All six packs and eight packs of Thank You cards are also available on Amazon

Maybe you know, or are a Marine who is way beyond boot camp in terms of their military career. You will find our packs of Thank You cards (blank inside) very useful! 2MyHero wants to help you build bridges of appreciation also.

We've learned that military members are very loyal to their branch of service. Especially US Marines! With the exception of our Gold Star sympathy cards, all of our cards are licensed. That means we have signed agreements with each branch. All designs have been approved through the trademark offices to bear branch specific trademarks, logos and wording. If you want to know more about the details of our license agreements, click HERE.

Not only are our cards licensed with the  USAFUSCGUSN and USMC, but they also communicate in a way that is fresh, relevant and personal. 

Let us know about your experience giving a 2MyHero greeting card to your military loved one. Comment below, leave a rating if you purchase through Amazon or Contact us and tell us how the card made you or them feel. We welcome your comments!

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