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Finally a True Blue Birthday card for your True Blue Marine

Posted by Hannah Hurley on

Who loves a Marine in Dress Blues? Everyone! Especially those closest to them - mom, dad, siblings, aunts, uncles, neighbors who have known them since they were born. Even neighbors who haven't known them quite that long.

We all want to find just the right card to send our loved one for their birthday. If that weren't true there wouldn't be the bazillion options of birthday greeting cards available.

And yet, finding a card for a Jarhead (or any member of the one of other branches for that matter) that you look at and say "That's perfect for . . .  " is no easy task.

That's why we set out to create Birthday cards for Marines that would be showstoppers. Designs that aren't like any others you've seen. They are eye catching. You can't wait to send them to your Marine. They capture the essence and humor of being a US Marine. You know the person receiving them is going to LOVE the card you sent them. The card communicates respect for service with class, humor and style.

2MyHero Lucky Seven Mixed Pack of  Birthday Cards for US Marines

Your Marine would probably like it if you included a cupcake with the card, but that might be a bit tricky to pull off. It gets a bit messy, and stale. 

So, when you can't send them an actual cupcake, you can send them 2MyHero's True Blue birthday card that is so visually delicious they'll wish it was edible. They will feel loved by you like never before. They'll know how proud you are of their service.

2MyHero True Blue Birthday card for US Marines

The Delicious Birthday Collection includes three designs for each branch. The cards are sold individually, as well as in mixed packs we call Lucky Seven. We named it Lucky Seven because you get seven greeting cards for less than the price of five greeting cards!

Six branch specific birthday cards: two of each design (MB340, MB341 and MB342)

PLUS one non-branch card designed to send to someone who is deployed.

We call it a RED design. RED as in Remember Everyone Deployed. We're kind of into REDFriday around here.

All seven cost less than what you would pay for five individual cards. $24. AND shipping is FREE! Lucky Seven Mixed Pack is also available on Amazon.

2MyHero USMC Birthday Collection of military birthday greeting cards

So, you get two cards for FREE . . .

US Air Force lucky seven mixed pack of military birthday greeting cards - AFB6300 - by 2MyHero

And shipping is FREE . . .

US Navy lucky seven mixed pack of military birthday greeting cards - NB6300 - by 2MyHero

So get Lucky Seven in one or all branch options for the best deal!

US Coast Guard lucky seven mixed pack of military birthday greeting cards - CGB6300 - by 2MyHero

Greeting cards for your military loved ones have never been designed so deliciously tasteful and enticing! Get yours now, so you're prepared when the next birthday for your Airman, Marine, Sailor or Coastie comes around. 

AFB6300NB6300MB6300 and CGB6300 are all also available on Amazon.

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