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Say what you mean to the Veteran's in your life!

#US Army #USAF #USCG #USMC #USN Veteran's Day

Our latest collection was inspired by many Veterans. Men and Women. Marines, Sailors, Airmen, Soldiers and Coasties. Family. Friends. Children of our friends.

We created a short tribute to give you a glimpse of who these special people are who have inspired us to create 2MyHero military greeting cards - check it out!

And take as many opportunities as you can today to listen to the stories of the Veterans around you. Ask them what kind of hell they endured during their time of service. Ask them about the high points. 

Most importantly, Say what YOU mean . . . express your gratitude in your own words.

Don't let this day go by without saying THANK YOU to as many Veterans as you can!

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