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Our unexpected mistake is your remarkable gain!

Posted by Hannah Hurley on

It's never easy to admit when you've made a mistake. I believe it's better to be upfront than try to hide my mistakes. I think I learned that best from Richard Nixon.
I've been dipping my toes into the world of selling on Amazon. I started a few months ago with just the Boot Camp and Thank You packs. Recently, I added all the individual cards onto the 2MyHero Amazon page. So my next step was to try my hand at a promotion.
2MyHero military greeting cards for Airmen, Coasties, Marines and Sailors
Labor Day weekend I attempted to run a promotion on Amazon. What I thought was all set up, in actuality was not. I followed the steps in the tutorial, entered all the items, set the limitations, and hit submit. But what I thought was going to be an awesome Labor Day sale actually was unavailable. Chalk one up to the newbie!
2MyHero military greeting cards for Airmen, Coasties, Marines and Sailors
And because of that I'm offering a bona fide Get 1 Free 2MyHero card when you buy 3 cards sale.
So, first of all, to those of you who tried to take advantage of the offer we promoted meticulously on our Facebook and Instagram pages, THANK YOU for responding and PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGIES that the promotion did not work as intended. I'm pretty sure there were gremlins in there somewhere sabotaging my efforts. Can’t prove it, but that doesn’t matter.
2MyHero military greeting cards for Airmen, Coasties, Marines and Sailors
What does matter is that I'm going to give you this irresistible offer, this time on my stellar website 2MyHero instead. I'm going to keep working at mastering Amazon, (that's where the learn from your failure comes in). Paramount to learning from your failure is to go with what you know. So, for now I am excited to give you this great deal on the platform I know without a doubt will work.
Today through this Friday, September 7th visit our dazzling website 2MyHero and put any combination of 4 individual cards in your cart. Enter the promo code Exposed at checkout. You will only pay for 3 of those cards! Shipping is free (as it always is which is sweet don’t you think?). Offer is good on individual cards only. Packs not included. No limit on number of times used.
Painful as it is to admit our mistake, we want to make it up to you. Instead of two days to cash in on this incredible offer, you now have three days! Wednesday through Friday.
You can choose any combination of Birthday, Graduation or Encouragement individual cards from any or all of the branches we are licensed with (USAFUSCGUSMC, and USN). If you prefer, you can choose from the Gold Star Sympathy cards also. 

Sunday, September 30, 2018 is Gold Star Mother’s Day. This sale gives you ample time to craft your most sincere and devoted messages to the Gold Star moms and dads in your corner of the world. 
Let 2MyHero greeting cards help you build bridges of respect and appreciation to your military and military family loved ones.
We encourage you to check out 2MyHero on Amazon! It's an awesome venue. We offer Seller Fulfilled Prime which is fantastic for all you Prime members!
Thank you so much for hanging in there with us as we master the tech realm!
Featured image Photo by Jose Silva from Burst

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