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No advice, just gratitude

Posted by Hannah Hurley on

This is our third feature this week of cards from our USAF Collection. Monday we showed you Fly Fight Win, Wednesday we showed you Advice, and today we are featuring one of two Thank You cards for the Instructors who turn recruits into Airmen. They are known as MTI's. Take a look at Left foot.

2MyHero USAF MTI thank you card military encouragement greeting card

Thank you cards sold at grocery stores and gift shops are pretty general in nature. You know what we mean - flowers, calligraphy, maybe a photograph of an idyllic scene. 2MyHero promises to bring relevant cards to the table. No flowers, calligraphy or idyllic scenes here. Instead, humor and gratitude.

Before we get into the humor of this card, we thought we'd make sure everyone understands the USAF acronym MTI.

The military is infamous for it's abundance of acronyms! Each branch has it's own assortment of custom acronyms. In the Air Force MTI stands for Military Training Instructor. Many civilians and most parents of new recruits have never heard this acronym before.

Military Training Instructors are defined in a blog on the AFWM website (another acronym - Air Force Wing Moms) this way:

"MTI's are human and they take a great deal of pride in their work. The MTIs have a code: a code that they take very seriously."

Check out their blog about MTI's if you want to know more specifics. 

2MyHero US Air Force military training instructor Thank You greeting card - Left Foot

Back to the humor in this card. After eight weeks of yelling, we thought a little humor might be in order. As a parent you teach your children many things. One of those is to put their best foot forward. In other words, always give your best effort, put on your friendliest face, you know what we mean.

One of the things MTI's teach recruits is how to march together, with precision, with consistency. But marching doesn't start with the right foot. It starts with the left. Can you hear the chant in your head as you read this? "Left . . . Left . . . Left Right Left".

A lot of time and energy goes into the transformation of a new recruit into an Airman. Time and energy not just about teaching them how to march. Time and energy that is not always given the gratitude it deserves.

Not only do many parents of new recruits not realize what MTI stands for, they also are not aware of the dedication of these men and women. They are intimidating, of course. They teach them a lot of things that parents cannot teach them, unless they happen to be MTI's themselves.

Despite being intimidating, MTI's are also human. Humans like to be appreciated. MTI's like to be appreciated too, and Left foot helps you express your appreciation for all the work they have put in to training your child.

Since we think it's really important to respect and appreciate our men and women in military service, we've created two Thank You cards in our USAF Collection is specifically for MTI's. In addition to Left foot, we also have a bit more sarcastic of a card called Yelling. We'll tell you more about that card in another blog.

Left Foot is of course appropriate to be given at graduation. It gives moms and dads, aunts and uncles, siblings and friends (basically everyone in the inner circle) of the Airman a way to express their appreciation for the time, energy and expertise poured into their Airmen over the intense eight weeks of boot camp by these dedicated men and women.

2MyHero USAF six pack - Still a lady 

2MyHero offers military, and military only, greeting cards that express admiration, gratitude and encouragement to USAF Airmen.

These are not your ordinary military greeting cards. Not only are they licensed with the USNUSMCUSAF and USCG but they also communicate in a way that is fresh and relevant.

2MyHero prides itself on creatively reaching beyond the typical imagery found on greeting cards for military. We want to express a depth of feeling and connection that will help bridge the gap between those of us who are civilians to the men and women we love who are or were at one time in military service.

We believe our cards help build bridges of appreciation and respect between civilians and military personnel. We hope every 2MyHero military greeting card we create will help build strong bridges between the givers and receivers of our cards.

2MyHero sells cards individually as well as in six packs (a mix of six cards including white square flap envelopes). Left Foot is offered only in the Still a lady mixed six pack. 

If you know a young man or woman heading off to boot camp at Lacklund Air Force Base, you'll want to purchase one of the six packs so you can encourage them at every stage - during bootcamp, at graduation, there's one for their MTI and depending on how often you write them at boot camp, you may have one or two left over to send after graduation on their first assignment or next level of training.

Maybe you know an Airman who is way beyond boot camp in terms of their military career. You are sure to find a card within the collection that is relevant at any phase of an Airman's career. 2MyHero is happy to help you cheer Airmen on with unique and well researched military greeting cards.

If you have a son or daughter heading to bootcamp for the US Marines, US Navy or US Coast Guard we have thank you cards for the instructors in those branches as well. 

Let us know about your experience giving a 2MyHero greeting card to your military loved one. Comment below, leave a rating if you purchase through Amazon or Contact us and tell us how the card made you or them feel. We welcome your comments!

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