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Military graduation on the horizon

The sun is about to rise on big changes for 2MyHero. We are pursuing licensing with the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.

Licensed with the US Marines for 3 years now we are ready to take the next step to create cards for all 5 branches. It has been requested repeatedly and now we're ready to move in that direction.

We've chosen Graduation as the theme for the first collection to showcase the new licenses.

Military graduations either from boot camp or from academies are big celebrations for families and friends closest to the new Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Coasties and Marines. Quite often grandpa and/or grandma, dad and/or mom, siblings or extended family relatives served. The pride runs deep, and until now, the desire to express that pride has not found brilliant expressions. Until now. Well, until almost now. 

The collection will be a grand salute with graduation cards designed for both males and females; thank you cards for corresponding drill instructors, sergeants, company commanders and recruit drill instructors; and several general humorous encouragement cards appropriate to send either during boot camp or after graduation. All are designed to reflect the unique images and verbiage of each branch, and are being reviewed by our contacts in each branch.

Stay tuned for more details and release date!



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