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Happy New Year! 2017 here we come!

Posted by Hannah Hurley on

While making resolutions isn't something I'm into, the beginning of a new year always inspires me to look backwards and review where I was a year previous. No copious notes - just writing in a journal or typing my thoughts in a file with a few details about my situation at the start of the year.

Word footprints so to speak.

 Leaving footprints in 2017

Bootprints at MCRD San Diego 

Some years hold really big changes. Often the really big ones are not anticipated. That makes the reflection all the more interesting or sometimes emotional.

Some years hold only small shifts in circumstance. Reflecting on small shifts can be a bit discouraging, especially if anticipated change didn't happen. 

A good friend of mine is always encouraging me to pray audacious prayers, and take bigger risks in life. "Don't let fear hold you back". 

If you don't do this yourself already then I encourage you to:

  • set aside some time to take some notes
  • think about the people in your life who mean the most to you and how you want to impact their lives this year
  • challenge yourself to extend your interests, activities or commitments in a way that will give you more interesting things to reflect on a year from now

Happy 2017 to you!

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