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Happy 242nd birthday USN!

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This week the US Navy celebrated it's 242nd birthday! Happy birthday just doesn't seem like quite enough to say on such an occasion. 

We believe a giant THANK YOU for serving our country for such a long time, with amazing capabilities and so faithfully is in good order.

This week, 2MyHero received approval of our newest design for the US Navy. It is a design which will takes us in a slightly different direction for our line of military greeting cards - packs of Thank You cards. 

Packs of eight cards, blank inside will soon be available on the website, both retail online and wholesale for brick an mortar retail stores.

Unlike our previous 5 x 7 cards, the cards in these new packs will be a smaller size, 4.25 x 5.5 - or A2 as they are also known. They are being offered on a lovely weight of white card stock with a bit more elegant of a feel. Envelopes will have square flaps. Just an extra touch of class.

Similar in design, but for the USAF crew, also being released is a version approved by the USAF trademark office.

2MyHero Thank you pack of eight cards - USAF

2MyHero Thank card for USN pack of eight cards

It is just another way for 2MyHero to help you build bridges of appreciation to your military loved one!

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