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Expressing gratitude in style

Posted by Hannah Hurley on

You may have noticed that each of our licensed collections include Thank You cards for the instructors that turn recruits into Marines, Airmen, Seamen and Coasties. Currently, there are six designs of Instructor Thank You cards: two for USMC, two for USAF, one each for USN and USCG.

 2MyHero thank you cards for military instructors

The first Thank You card for instructors was introduced in our USMC collection. After all the exposure of how much Drill Instructors yell at recruits, it just seemed fitting to thank them for yelling at our sons and daughters. But not everyone thinks that funny, so we created a tame and more civilized card - "Sir, yes SIR"

In our recently released, introductory collection for the USCG the Thank You for Company Commanders looks very different than the other collections. As we were doing our research, the phrase "Sir and Ma'am sandwiches" surfaced. Two kinds of sandwiches - "Sir yes Sir" and "Sir thank you Sir!"

If you haven't heard this phrase before, it refers to the "Sir, yes Sir!" or "Ma'am, yes Ma'am!" response recruits are trained to give when they are spoken to by a Company Commander. This response is affectionately referred to as a "Sir" and "Ma'am" sandwich. The sandwich is made up by "Sir" or "Ma'am" being the bread, and "yes" being the meat.

This phrase got us thinking about ways to visualize "Sir and Ma'am sandwiches". We tried several visual expressions, and for our Coast Guard collection we chose to  portray a menu, hypothetically serving these 'delectables' as the main course. 

We view the Coast Guard as a pretty classy group. We believe a classy looking Thank You card for Company Commanders is fitting, so our design is indeed the most classy looking Thank You card yet released.

If you know a young man or woman heading off to boot camp at United States Coast Guard Training Center Cape May, you'll want to purchase several of the cards in the USCG Collection - to encourage them during bootcamp, congratulate them upon graduation and of course give one to their favorite Company Commander!

Send us your thoughts of other cards you'd like us to include in the collections. We'd love to hear from you!

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