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A Sailor Now - a US Navy licensed military graduation greeting card


Great Lakes Naval base is home to graduations almost every week. Every year. For every recruit who graduates there are moms, dads, aunts, uncles, siblings and friends who are proud of their achievement. A Sailor Now puts an image and wording to the pride felt by the parents and friends.

2MyHero USN military greeting cards

Whether it's mom or dad, husband or wife, family member or friend, the people in the inner circle of the new Sailor want a way to express their admiration for this accomplishment. 2MyHero offers military, and military only, greeting cards that express admiration, gratitude and encouragement to USN Sailors.

These are not your ordinary military greeting cards. Not only are they licensed with the USNUSMC, USAF  (and soon to be released USCG), but they also communicate in a way that is fresh and relevant.

2MyHero prides itself on creatively reaching beyond the typical imagery found on greeting cards for military. We want to express a depth of feeling and connection that will help bridge the gap between those of us who are civilians to the men and women we love who are or were at one time in military service.

A Sailor Now is a design that has been well received by military families for their new US Navy Sailor. It's a bit like the proverbial "buttons popping off" expression. It fosters the kind of connection we hope every military greeting card we create will develop in both the giver and receiver of 2MyHero cards.

2MyHero sells cards individually as well as in six packs (a mix of six cards including white square flap envelopes). A Sailor Now can be found in the USN Collection in both of these options.

If you know a young man or woman heading off to boot camp at Great Lakes Naval Base, you'll want to purchase one of the six packs so you can encourage them at every stage - during bootcamp, at graduation, there's one for their RDC and depending on how often you write them at boot camp, you may have one or two left over to send after graduation on their first assignment or next level of training.

Maybe you know a Sailor who is way beyond boot camp in terms of their military career. You are sure to find a card within the collection that is relevant at any phase of a Sailor's career. 2MyHero is happy to help you cheer Sailor's on with unique and well researched military greeting cards.

Let us know about your experience giving a 2MyHero greeting card to your military loved one. Comment below, leave a rating if you purchase through Amazon or Contact us and tell us how the card made you or them feel. We welcome your comments!

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