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RED friday love

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So, the RED friday t-shirts have their place, but I like to get creative in expressing my support of RED fridays.  If on the off chance you don't know what RED friday means - the RED stands for Remember Everyone Deployed, and so those who support this wear red on Fridays. 

Often, this is expressed by wearing a red t-shirt that has that slogan printed on it.  I work in a retail location where it wouldn't fly for me to wear a t-shirt like that to work, so I embrace wearing red in lots of different ways.  My favorite, which I did wear today, is my red cowboy boots.  Love em!  But, I have been known to wear red skirts, pants, sweaters, socks, jewelry and such as well. (You can see some of these I've posted on my Instagram feed)

One of my customers at the store went to a floral design school a couple of years ago, and after completing their program does a variety of things - one of which is she hosts monthly events where we are invited to come and make a thematic floral arrangement. Two days ago she did a Valentine's theme, and that's what you see above.  

So, I wanted to share the love with all of our deployed troops and their loved ones who are missing them here at home.  I wish I could send all of you red roses to say thank you, and I am so grateful for your service, but I'll have to settle with just sending you a visual electronic bouquet.


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