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My Five Sons

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[caption id="attachment_959" align="aligncenter" width="300"]photo by laura houck photography photo by laura houck photography[/caption] Wait, I thought April was the month of the military child?  This photo looks more like the reverse - the parents of military.  In this family both designations apply.  In fact, these military kids are third generation military. Dad was a Navy pilot.  Grandma on dad's side was an enlisted Navy petty officer and Grandpa was an aircrewmen during the Vietnam War. Grandpa on mom's side was a Navy pilot, commanding an S-2F Tracker squadron during the Vietnam War.  That's some family military history! During dad's 20 year career in the Navy, they were blessed with 5 sons. Like many military and civilian families, these boys knew from the get go that if they chose college paths they would have to find the means to fund that path on their own.  Dad reflects, "Enlisting the military became the way for them to earn their GI Bill while getting experience in a career, seeing the world and serving their country at the same time." This photo was taken 2 years ago.  Since then their oldest son has completed his enlistment in the Navy .  He is a freshman at The Master's College in Santa Clarita.   The next two will be completing their enlistments in the Army and Marine Corps infantries this fall.  Number 4 son is deployed to Bahrain and headed this fall to Intelligence Specialist A-School in Virginia, and the youngest will graduate from high school this summer.  He has yet to decide where to start college in the fall. Here's a shout out to the military kids who choose military careers themselves. Thank you for your service - your whole life.

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