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Touching Moment

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  arizona entrance Spring Break 2014 There's a first time for all kinds of things, and this year was the first time for our family to travel to somewhere warm on spring break. We chose Oahu, Hawaii mainly for the opportunity to visit Pearl Harbor, and see The USS Arizona Memorial.   It was a powerful experience for all of us, and I'd like to share one of the most touching moments. It was evident right away that there were several veterans on board our boat over to the memorial.  Baseball caps are one easy identifier. The gentleman seated in front of me on the boat had a Navy Veteran cap on.

arizona namesNot all the veterans were so easy to spot. Until we arrived at the memorial.

Everyone filed off the boat quietly and respectfully, and filled the memorial. Many moved quickly to the back wall, some gazing briefly at the names, others looking for a familiar name.  After a quick look around, most people headed back out.

One veteran's silent movement stood out sharply to me. He waited at the back of that room until most of the people had moved on. He then moved closer to the wall. He raised his right hand slowly to his forehead, saluting the wall of names, then stood thoughtfully for awhile.

He wasn't wearing a baseball cap or t-shirt with military markings, but his actions showed him to be a veteran.  His actions so noble and pure brought tears to my eyes and stopped me in my tracks.

Thank you unknown veteran for speaking loudly without words of honor, duty and respect.

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