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Remembering . . . with gratefulness


Reflecting on Memorial Day this year, it occurred to me that the typical Memorial Day picnics are kind of a military, spring time version of Thanksgiving Day feasts.  I realize there are limitations on the correlations, but I enjoyed pondering the similarities. Those we remember today were willing to put their lives on the line because they loved the freedoms we enjoy in this country.  One of those is the ability to gather with family and friends - enjoying food, location, and relationships in a peaceful atmosphere. So it's fitting for us to have such celebrations.  It is respectful of us to include attention to remembering with gratefulness the incredible freedoms we enjoy, and those whose lives have been sacrificed that we might have them. Just like we set aside some time at our Thanksgiving dinner gathering to share what we are thankful for, I see that same tradition being 'remixed' and incorporated in Memorial Day gatherings. To get things started I'd like to express gratefulness honoring two names close to home: Keaton Coffey and David Weisenberg. Both of these men were taken very young.  David's mother Marilyn was the inspiration behind 2 My Hero's Remembering card.  Hearing her story inspired me to add this card to the line.  Like all mothers who have lost a child, in military service (or otherwise), the sadness doesn't disappear.  Time helps the healing process, but there will always be a void.  Encouragement from others helps a lot, but there will still be sadness. Special Happy Memorial Day wishes to all families who have lost a loved one in military service!

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