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"4 year old son"

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Facebook informs me that April is the month of the military child.  I've seen a few other 'April is the month of . . .' but I like this one, so I thought I'd run with it. In keeping with my pseudonyms for these posts I'd like to tell you about Noah. Yep, he was in the Navy. More specifically, a Naval Medical Officer who served amongst other places in Vietnam. The image here is another Naval Officer's uniform from the same time period. Vietnam is significant for this post, since that was the time when Noah's kids were little.  When he left for his 10 month deployment Noah had four children, the oldest was 7. He and his lovely wife had 3 girls and a boy.  The boy was third in line, and 4 years old when Noah shipped out. Noah's wife found a baby doll that they'd been given that could pass for a boy - molded head, no hair.  She dressed it up in military looking clothing.  Their son took to the doll and named it "4 year old son".  The son began taking on the role of daddy in the house, in his mind anyway.  "4 year old son" was never given a name, but referred to only as "4 year old son".  He was included in all activities though, from joining the family at the dinner table every night to sleeping with the boy.  When he was outside playing, "4 year old son" was never too far away, and sat quietly 'watching' him play.  Shortly before Noah returned from Vietnam, "4 year old son" faded from the scene. There was an end in sight to the need to fill Noah's role. Children of military parents face unique challenges, and find unique solutions to those challenges.  Noah's son didn't know a lot of details about what his dad was facing thousands of miles away, but his love and admiration for him and awareness of his place in their family played out in a most charming way. Some things don't change. Today's children of military parents are also finding their own unique ways to fill the gaps in their lives when one of their parents is deployed. [fblike layout_style='standard' show_faces='false' verb='like' font='arial' color_scheme='light']  

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