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Present but Unseen


[caption id="attachment_755" align="alignleft" width="162"] How often have you seen a WW2 medal?[/caption] The Northwest isn't exactly known as a place that is particularly military friendly. Tell me something I don't know - right? Lately, I have had the pleasant surprise of meeting many people around me who have connections with loved ones serving in the military. A couple of weeks ago while at the post office 2 My Hero cards came up and the postal worker whipped out a framed photo of her son from his Marine boot camp graduation.  I've talked to her many times before and had no idea! That same week while walking with my neighbor I saw another friend who invited me to join a fundraiser/bazaar at Sunset Presbyterian church.  One of the women on the board of this ministry has both a son and son-in-law currently serving.  Based on what I've seen of who the other vendors will be I doubt I'll blend in even with my camo table covering.  But that's okay because I'm excited about the opportunity to be there and who I will meet. And again this came up with a friend from church. He and I rode in the same van a few years back for the Hood-to-Coast run (i.e. lots of shared time).  He's a web guy so I asked him for some help.  Come to find out he comes from a family with members currently and previously in almost every branch of the military. 1 nephew in the USAF,  2 in USMC, 1 in the USCG, 1 in the Army and 1 in the Navy.  His 2 older brothers and his father are all USN Retired and his mom even served in the Navy for several years way back when. Wow! So even though we have no base in Oregon, nor do you see digi very often, there are many here who are connected through family and friends to the military.  Even more present but unseen are the veterans around us.  I work in a small retail store and last week a young woman came in who joined in a conversation two of us were having. In the course of our conversation she mentioned that she had served in the Army for 4 years.  Never would I have guessed it.  Not here in Portland anyway. She is one of an estimated 22 million veterans still alive in the United States. This Friday I'll be set up at the event for Eve's Daughters, introducing the 2 newest 2 My Hero cards for Veteran's Day - Great Day and Your Yesterday, selling 2 My Hero cards and donating 25% to the ministry.  I'm guessing I'll have the privilege of meeting even more veterans and/or their family members.

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