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Honor, Duty, Respect at The Citadel

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Things were a little quieter on Friday, July 13 when I had the privilege of visiting The Citadel in Charleston, SC than I imagine they are today with school in full swing. One of the bookstore employees commented she wished I could be there and see firsthand the hustle and bustle of campus when the cadets are there.  I'll have to rely on my imagination fueled by images from their website and facebook pages. It was especially humbling to be in the presence of such a long line of history. Being from the Northwest, I just don't have the opportunity firsthand to experience that same kind of history.  To be told of The Citadel's involvement at the beginning of the Civil War was a little hard for me to fully get my head around. The day before we had walked through the cemetery at St. Helenas in Beaufort where both confederate and union soldiers are buried. As we drove through South Carolina and as I walked the campus grounds I pieced together images from textbooks and documentaries of the battles.  Seeing the landscape, feeling the heat and humidity  - all of it made me marvel at the challenges those soldiers faced. It became much more real to me. Tomorrow night OPB will air an American Experience special on the Civil War - we'll be tuned in for sure. Today's soldiers, airmen, seamen and marines face different but just as grueling challenges. Thinking about the contrasts and comparisons serves to increase my desire to design well cards that will encourage and express the support coming from the families and friends of these brave and honorable men and women. Last Thursday I shipped an order of 12 designs of 2 My Hero cards to The Citadel Bookstore.  The countertop display rack should be out soon. Two of the designs were altered specifically for them, and there are more in the works. If you've seen the "Marines have all the fun" card, one is coming that will say "Cadets have all the fun". Also in the works is a graduation card featuring the stunning class ring sculpture just beyond this ornate gate. If you have suggestions for cards for cadets we welcome your input. [fblike layout_style='standard' show_faces='false' verb='like' font='arial' color_scheme='light']

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