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Flyby - short but sweet


Recently, while on a business trip to South Carolina, I had the privilege to meet up with Flybagz owner Amber at Cafe Caturra, in Columbia, SC.  It sounds like a coffee place, but it is a charming wine bar I would highly recommend. She had recently produced a fabulous Jen Bag for me using my nephew's uniform.  Admittedly, I was a little nervous about ordering something I had trouble picturing, and could have been labeled a 'high maintenance' customer.  Amber was incredibly gracious and helpful in the process.  The end result far exceeded my expectations.  The sentiment I feel towards my bag still surprises me.  O.k., I am kind of a sentimental gal at heart anyway, but I really do feel great joy and pride when I carry it.  I love how it constantly reminds me not only of Nathan, but of the other veteran's I've had the privilege of getting to know. Amber's husband is an Air Force pilot, which is often viewed as glamorous, but I'm sure must have a flip side of stress for all involved.  Her composure, and enthusiasm were admirable.  Her concept for Flybags is one I think is fabulous.  So much that I've offered to rep for her.  The pride she takes in each piece is evident, and I believe will benefit her endeavors greatly.  You'll be able to see a sampling of her product at the upcoming Run for the Fallen, sponsored by the Blue Star Mother's of Oregon on August 18, 2012 here in Portland, OR. While I'm sure she can't know the story behind every bag or item ordered, I was impressed at the personal aspect she has woven into her business model.  She's added wine bags, aprons (absolutely darling!) and smaller pieces as well.  When a fellow milspouse is expecting a baby, those connected will come together to choose a bag for the mother-to-be and  present it at the baby shower.  What a special gift to hold onto for that little one to maybe use again themselves one day!  I thought about wives, fiance's, mothers, and sisters who have lost someone, and what a treasure a bag made with one of their loved one's uniform would be! My time in Columbia was as I said, short but sweet.  Shorter than either Amber and I would have liked it to be, and sweeter than the sweet tea I enjoyed at Mitchell's BBQ near Ft. Benning, GA.  More on that later. I  wish Amber great success with Flybagz, and encourage you who have a loved one who served or is serving to get yourself one or more!  

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