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Remembering Gold Star Mothers

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Days of remembrance are important, and we all gravitate towards ones that signify something that hits closest to home. Working at a retail store, being a buyer for the stationery section of the store, I get the opportunity to see lots of greeting card lines.  I have the responsibility to choose which ones will hit closest to home for our customer base.  In this Post-modern society that can be pretty broad turf. One niche that has been largely overlooked is remembrance of the loss of a child in the military - the event that designates a person as a Gold Star Mother,...

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It Should Have Been Me

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May is designated as the Month of Military Appreciation. It is also the month that hosts Memorial Day. Appreciation for those who gave their all hits much closer to home, when someone we love returned from a deployment without all their troops returning. We all know it happens, but let's face it, that reality can seem distant until it touches the life of someone close to us.[caption id="attachment_978" align="alignleft" width="300"] Decal on a car makes a sobering and true statement.[/caption]Many who return from deployment carry with them the dreaded "it should have been me" gorilla on their back. Some lost...

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My Five Sons

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[caption id="attachment_959" align="aligncenter" width="300"] photo by laura houck photography[/caption] Wait, I thought April was the month of the military child?  This photo looks more like the reverse - the parents of military.  In this family both designations apply.  In fact, these military kids are third generation military. Dad was a Navy pilot.  Grandma on dad's side was an enlisted Navy petty officer and Grandpa was an aircrewmen during the Vietnam War. Grandpa on mom's side was a Navy pilot, commanding an S-2F Tracker squadron during the Vietnam War.  That's some family military history! During dad's 20 year career in the...

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Touching Moment

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  Spring Break 2014 There's a first time for all kinds of things, and this year was the first time for our family to travel to somewhere warm on spring break. We chose Oahu, Hawaii mainly for the opportunity to visit Pearl Harbor, and see The USS Arizona Memorial.   It was a powerful experience for all of us, and I'd like to share one of the most touching moments. It was evident right away that there were several veterans on board our boat over to the memorial.  Baseball caps are one easy identifier. The gentleman seated in front of...

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Remembering . . . with gratefulness


Reflecting on Memorial Day this year, it occurred to me that the typical Memorial Day picnics are kind of a military, spring time version of Thanksgiving Day feasts.  I realize there are limitations on the correlations, but I enjoyed pondering the similarities. Those we remember today were willing to put their lives on the line because they loved the freedoms we enjoy in this country.  One of those is the ability to gather with family and friends - enjoying food, location, and relationships in a peaceful atmosphere. So it's fitting for us to have such celebrations.  It is respectful of...

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