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Military greeting cards

If you're looking for truly unique and relevant Military greeting cards you've come to the right place! Orders over $60 receive FREE SHIPPING! Use code: OVER60 at checkout

2MyHero USN military greeting cards


Check out 2MyHero USN Collection


USN Graduation Collection is now available! Find male and female boot camp and academy graduation, RDC thank you and general encouragement cards! All cards in this collection are licensed with the United States Department of the Navy and proudly incorporate the USN emblem, symbol and word marks.


Check out 2MyHero USMC Collection


Find boot camp graduation, general encouragement and Veteran's Day greeting cards. Coming soon is the USMC Graduation Collection which will include new designs for female Marines as well as DI thank you and general encouragement greeting cards.

All cards in this collection are licensed through the US Marines Corps and proudly incorporate the EGA symbol and/or USMC word marks.

2MyHero military greeting card basic collection




Check out 2MyHero Basic Collection 


 Find the full lineup of humorous and contemporary greeting cards to send to your active duty military hero when they graduate from boot camp, deploy, return home or are stationed far from you.

2MyHero military greeting cards holiday collection













Check out 2MyHero Holiday Collection


 Find Valentine's Day, Mother's and Father's Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas greeting cards. More holiday designs are in the works.

2MyHero military greeting cards gold star collection


Check out 2MyHero Gold Star Collection


Find sympathy and thinking of you cards like you've never seen before for Gold Star families whose military member has made the ultimate sacrifice. Beautifully and thoughtfully designed, these greeting cards are near and dear to our hearts just like the families we know who bear this terrible burden.

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